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The Slave Registry IS Being Reconstructed

First I want to say sorry for not responding to legitimate emails!

We are having some extreme issues from Russian and UK based spam/hackers atm which have caused untold headaches for me. We are in the process of trying to stop the attacks but have had to maintain massive amounts of internal data to figure out the origin of the proxies that are being used.
They crashed our main database about a month or so ago and while we fixed that and the weakness they used they them took to spamming the mail server which I'm not sure what they hope to gain as our mail server is not connected to the databases.

We will be moving our main forum HERE in the next week as I can't keep up with manually deleting the spam entries at this point.

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After being abondoned by the prior owner for an unknown reason, LovingNcMaster & purchased this domain when it went to auction to insure Master / slave couples still have access to thier slave registrations from the last 15+ years. We are attempting to obtain a back up of the assigned SIN slave number database, but we feel this is unlikely. As of now we only have access to some TSR-SLRN validations which were archived by Tanos of TSR.

Registration of new slaves is limited at this time

If you previously had a registered SR-SIN slave number registered through this site you have until 9/15/17 to re-register your number, after that date we will begin accepting new unrestricted slave registrations again and have no way to 100% insure your slave number will not be reissued. This loss of data saddens me deeply, just like many other M/s couples my slave wears my mark and I have her slave registration number tattooed on me.

PLEASE bear with us trough this process, unless by some miracle we are able to obtain a backup of the SIN slave registry database we have many, many years worth of lost data and history to recover to the best of our ability.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding slaveregistry vs slaveregister / SIN vs SLRN, Tanos and mia_of_Tanos issued SLRN's and these numbers may be backed up here and/or you may create a more robust profile if you would like. The SLRN numbers issued by Tanos prior to June 2016 are still archived as issued on their site like Tanos said he would. SIN numbers issued prior to April 4th 2017 are the numbers that have been lost when this domain was allowed to expire.

New Slave Registration

New slave registrations are now being issued using an alternate check sum to prevent acidental duplicate slave numbers from being issued. slave registry numbers issued using this checksum will not validate via TSR and will only be recorded here.

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If your SLRN was issued by TSR before June 2005 please enter 000 in the first box.

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