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The Slave Registry is a platform where person's whom identify as consensual slaves and owned submissives are able to record their personal slave identification number.

This concept of electronically assigning a slave number to a person whom identified as a slave within an M/s dynamic originated back in the late 90's early 2000's. (The history predates this time, this is just when computers became part of the mix)

The first consentual slave registry was TSR's slaveregister which started recording slave numbers in 2000 and was followed by slave registry which was originally founded in 2001 but wasn't utilized much until aprox Aug 2015. Slave register stopped issuing recorded slave numbers in July 2016 and slave registry changed it's numbering system around that time. All in between the two somewhere around 250,000 slave numbers where formally recorded during this time.

On April 4th 2017 what I consider a personal tragedy struck the M/s community, instead of passing the torch was allowed to expire by the owner of the domain at the time. This caused a loss of all SR-SIN's that were issued from a period of roughly 2015 to 2017 when the host server deleted the data from their computers. Combined with slaveregister no longer maintaining any records beyond issued SLRN slave numbers the platforms for persons whom identify as slaves within their dynamic and /or relationship where effectively shut off.

Enter the next chapter. By pure chance of luck I was looking for expired domains that could potentially be bought and reused within our toy making business. When came across the going to auction list my heart damn near stopped, it couldn't be, there was no way, it was a miss spelling or something... Nope there it was and on 5/9/17 the auction commenced... I had it in my head & heart that the domain was not going to a none lifestyler just to be used to push traffic to some random porn site, 12 bids later the auction closed and this little piece of our history can now be rebuilt. If anyone knows the prior owner personally if we can obtain a backup of the SR-SIN database if would be a huge help!

Slave numbers have become a big part of the Master and slave community, it is a representation of a commitment to each other. To many it is a very personal thing and part of who they are! Just as many other M/s couples my slave wears my Master's mark on her skin while I wear her slave number on mine. Others have their number engraved on collar's cuff's etc.

Our commitment to the other Master's and slave's in the community is that we will do our best to preserve this platform for the future, rebuilding it as quickly as possible. We will extend the expiration of the domain it's self to the largest extent possible and practical to prevent it from accidentally being allowed to expire again. We will allow recording of both previously issued SR-SIN's and TSR-SLRN's here as a backup platform and method of displaying data like use to be possible. New SR-SIN's issued will be done using a checksum manner very similar to the method that had been used by TSR prior to July 2016 to prevent duplicate numbers from ever being issued. And most important, we will pass on the torch should there come a day that we tire of maintaining this platform. I don't feel that the concept of slave numbers belongs to any one person but belongs to the M/s community as a whole!

We are also going to open a forum that is exclusively for the people that identify as M/s to share their trials and tribulations as they walk their path.

Ryan, aka LovingNcMaster & Zurana

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