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Slave Registry FAQ

What is a slave number/ why is it important?

This is probably the single most asked question and the hardest to answer, it is a number that is sometimes assigned as part of a Master/slave dynamic relationship. To some within the lifestyle it is about the equivalent of changing ones name on a social security card or government assigned ID when a person gets married. It signifies the commitment being made within the M/s dynamic.

But slavery is illegal...

Yup it sure is, the slave register has nothing to do with illegal slavery or the buying and selling of people. It is a platform for people whom identify as being part of a power exchange relationship.

I can't find my number!

This is more than likely due to your number being issued by TSR prior to June 2016 or from a data loss of records for SIN's issued between roughly Aug 2015 - april 2017. Don't fret, you can restore or back up your number on our home page.

I didn't get my conformation number!

There are two programmers working on finding the bug that is causing this issue, if you are using a hotmail account please try a different email address as most people using hotmail are not getting our emails which we believe is a blacklisting issue by Microsoft which is known not to be kink friendly. If you haven't gotten the conformation number within 10 min contact us and we will help you get your account set up.

Can I donate to help?

This will come in time, right now the project is currently being paid for by two people and we are having to get the back-end system in place and are not set up to legally accept donations. Once we have the site restored, the people that have helped on the restoration project will decide if we are going to place the domain in a 501c3 or in a trust and how to ensure it's future without reliance solely based on one person.

I am an xxx is there anything I can do to help?

YES we are actively seeking assistance from kink aware professionals and if you are willing to donate your time it'd be greatly appreciated! In particular right now we need help from people with the following experience sets:
Counselors / Psychologist - to lead moderated education topics.
Legal - a licensed attorney that can help with the legal structure vs having to pay for it would be a great boost.
Programmers - if you are experienced with ASP, .Net, AJAX/Jquery, SQL and /or PHP and would like to help, drop us a note and some sample code you have written.

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