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Education within a M/s D/s relationship is an ongoing process. Listed below are some of the resources that we've found useful or that we believe our users may. Linking to a site does not constitute our recommendation of any resource or information, it's simply our way of sharing sites we've found useful.

Master And slaves Together - site dedicated to persons whom identify as M/s TPE.

Master And slaves Together UK chapter - MAsT for persons living in the UK. - one of the better submissive side blog sites ran by lunaKM. LOTS and LOTS of information for new submissives and slaves! - the only Left side of the dash blog I've found to date worth keeping up with.

Fetlife Groups

Fetlife's Master/slave Forum I hesitantly include this one, it's a great group with a lot of information IF you can overlook the trolls.

M/s - D/s - TPE Books we've found useful

BDSM The naked truth by Dr. Charley Ferrer - this book dispels many myths about the M/s lifestyle and is a good source of reading for fantasy vs reality. It has many controversial review for and against, this review swings both ways and points out the good and the bad. If you take what fits you and disregard the rest it's worth reading.

More to come...

If you have a power exchange relationship resource you've found useful that you would like to share, please send us a message via the contact link and we may add it here.

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If you have a website the is related to Master slave / bdsm / Dominate / submissive / Total power exchange and would like to link to our site, you are welcome to add one of the following to your website.

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