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Privacy policy

Last updated: 3/10/17

We respect your privacy and do everything in our power to insure any data you provide us is kept confidential.

We maintain an email list for our giveaways, contest, and promotions. If you provide us with your email address for this purpose it will not be sold or shared with unrelated third parties. This information is used solely as a means to contact our customers and you may opt out at any time by simply replying with remove in the subject. Our list is maintained by our staff not via automated systems.

At check out your personal information is needed to complete a transaction. We use a 3rd party processor and this information is not retained or stored in our system or databases in any way. Transaction details will not be shared with anyone without a court order directing us to do so unless there is fraud involved requiring us to initiate legal actions.

We use cookies to track our advertising and referral sources, these cookies do not retain any personal data that may be entered on our site.

Google analytic features are used to provide us with information about the overall demographics of our customers and allow us to better reach people that may be interested in our products by understanding their interest. This information does not contain you personal identifiable information, but may include information about your age, gender, location, and personal interest. You may opt-out of this Google program and prevent Google from sharing this information with us HERE.
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